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Local SDK for iOS and Android

The very philosophy of our company, People Inspired Products, centers on creating products inspired by the consumer. WeMo technology is built from the ground up to enhance everyday life by answering the need of the consumer for greater control of their life. With that in mind, we want to give you even more capability to explore just what you can do with WeMo. Here we have provided the WeMo Local SDK. With this kit, you can build and modify your own apps to unleash the full potential of your connected home devices in the ways that you see fit. This local SDK is designed so that you can explore WeMo and use it as a tool to make it your own. Create it, tweak it, rework it; whatever you want to do with WeMo on a local level, now you can.

The WeMo Ecosystem

WeMo is comprised of three elements:

The App
All the action happens here. The app allows you to control your connected devices through a variety of ways. Through integration with rules and IFTTT, room for customization is huge. With the SDK, you can modify what the app does at the local level.
The Switch
This is the physical element of WeMo system. The switch plugs into your wall socket and syncs to your system via WiFi. It allows you to turn your electronics on or off, set schedules and design rules to govern your connected devices. Combined with a motion sensor, rules can be set to turn on or off electronics when motion is detected. The switch can be controlled through any Internet connection on your phone. But for the purposes of this SDK, they will be controlled through your local connection.
The Cloud
The cloud ties it all together. Commands sent to and from WeMo devices travel through the cloud from phone to WeMo or WeMo to phone.

System Requirements

Here is what you need in order to run the SDK:

  • Xcode 4.4 and above
  • iOS 5.0 or Android 4.0 and above on your mobile device
  • Mac OS X Lion and above

Further Information

If you have any questions, concerns, or any further information you would like to receive, please email the below address and we will contact you regarding your inquiry. Thank you.



Terms and Conditions of Use

We know you want to start playing with WeMo as soon as you can. But before you do, give the couple rules and restrictions a quick read through:

  • Our intellectual property is very important to us. Belkin holds all the rights to its own intellectual property. Please do not make any claims of ownership of any Belkin IP. If you should make a suggestion that ends up being used, it will belong to Belkin.
  • Making an app is exciting. But, please be clear that your app is not affiliated with or property of Belkin. Please do not use any Belkin marks or logos in your app. This app belongs to you.
  • This type of power can inspire some crazy ideas. But at the moment, please use this API in the ways these terms allow. Please do not:
    • Copy, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, modify, decrypt, or create derivative works of the API and its parts;
    • Create any licensee application or other program that would disable, hack or interfere with Belkin products, software, security, etc; or
    • Have any licensee application or use of the API that infringes on any third party's copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other property rights; be defamatory or harassing/threatening; or contain any viruses or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage any system or data.
  • As our public software environment develops, changes and updates may be made to the API and T&C's at times. Belkin will monitor the use of the API in order to make sure everything is running smoothly and within the established guidelines.
  • Please do not distribute the documentation shown on http://developers.belkin.com/wemo/sdk except by links to the site itself or, if you use another method, these terms and conditions must be attached.
  • We love the fact that you wish to expand WeMo's capabilities. That said, please do not use it to build or distribute any bridges or devices which interpret the API.

Accept Terms

It's time to unleash the power of WeMo! Enter your email in the field below and we will send you the link to download the SDK with installation instructions to help get you started.

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Glossary of Legal Terms

  • "API" means Belkin's WeMo application programming interface and any related documentation, source code, executable applications and other materials furnished by Belkin in connection therewith.
  • "Belkin Marks" means Belkin's names, trademarks, service marks, logos and other branding related to the Belkin Products made expressly available for use by Belkin to Licensee in connection with the Licensee Application.
  • "Belkin Products" means Belkin's WeMo products.
  • "End Users" means end users of any Licensee Application.
  • "Licensee Application" means any software application, website or other interface that Licensee develops, owns or operates to interact with and/or make calls to the API.

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